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Gain total visibility into your assets with Duka today

Maintain, manage, and track assets throughout their lifecycle - anytime, anywhere with Duka.
It is Simple, Secure, and Affordable.

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Free Barcode Generator

1. Generate Linear Barcodes, QR Codes, Inventory Barcodes, and more.

This tool allows anyone to easily and quickly implement barcode technology into your operations. There are a host of barcode modules that can be used in diverse ways from inventory management, ticket management to postal orders. 

Tenets of Duka Assets

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Get the best visibility into your asset inventory. Duka provides detailed reports, user information, and timestamps on all transactions to help you know your asset's location and status.

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Customize Duka to fit your needs. Gain access to tools and options that allow you to customize fields, reports, and layout. Duka is also accessible on web and mobile platforms.

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Performance and scalability are core principles in our development approach that seeks to support businesses with thousands of assets spanning multiple locations.

Asset Tracking

Get control of your assets with Duka that is customizable, secure, and easy to use.

A complete asset management solution that comes with a comprehensive log for each asset - starting from procurement all the way through to retirement.

Capture vital information on the status and location of assets using scanners to detect barcodes or RFID tags for asset verification.

Asset Inventory & Barcoding

Take control of your inventory with a barcode inventory system.

Efficiently managing your hardware assets using barcodes is a simple way to provide a quick and easy way to input assets into your management system and manage the status of these assets throughout their lifecycle.

Ensure that your business has a clear understanding of the assets it owns and that said assets are being utilized in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Flexible Notifications & Reporting

Get accurate and meaningful insight to your assets based on the selected period with Duka.

Quickly have access to all reports, leading to more efficient operations, lower costs overall, and better productivity levels among employees. Schedule reports to run periodically and receive an email notification when the report is generated.

Integrated with tools you trust

Experience a level of quality in both design and customizations.

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Choose the plan that best fits your needs

Get the best asset and business management software for your business. Transparent pricing that lets you pay for what you need, when you need it billed monthly.

Duka Assets is available in a variety of plans that best fits your business needs.

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Get started with Duka

Get control of your assets with Duka that is customizable, secure, and easy to use.