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Inventory Management

Manage your assets, categories, and transactions

Inventory Module

Manage your assets, categories, specifications, packages, and a host of other properties. Analyze issues such as physical location, maintenance requirements, depreciation, performance, and eventual disposal of the asset.

Barcode Generation

An easy to use and cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to manage and track their physical assets. Barcodes are generated for assets and are available in a variety of formats including Code128, QR Codes, EAN, and ISBN. Read more

Location Report

Get a granular and thorough report on location, inventory, and high-value assets in real-time. This report shows which assets are present at a location.

Asset Movement Report

Get a detailed report of asset movement. Details include a timestamp of movement, user responsible for movement as well as location to and fro.

GPS Location

Each scan of an asset label reveals details including geo-location, IP address, and other useful information. Both QR Codes and Barcodes are supported.

Location Management

Create locations where assets are stored. Locations can be countries, cities, offices, or rooms. Locations can be grouped under each other to form a tree view for your assets.

Packages and Bundles

Categorize assets into packages and bundles for easier tracking.

Supplier Management

Maintain a supplier catalog, compare prices from different vendors, and analyze purchase trends to leverage negotiations.

Staff Management

An easy-to-use online filing cabinet that allows you to securely store, search, and update all of your employee records.

User Management

Manage users, roles, and permissions

Access Control

Limit visibility of certain items based on item group, location, or both. This is particularly useful when managing different departments or teams within an organization.

User creation and management

Create users and easily assign roles for specific tasks. Administrators can change basic user information and also send password reset requests.

Login enabled

Choose to have members log into the system to update asset information. You can also disable this for members you would like to assign items to yourself.

User Invitations

Send out invitations to new or existing users to collaborate in your workspaces. Users can then be assigned roles and get started immeadiately.

LDAP Server Integration

LDAP servers store directory data. You can enable employees in your organization to use their LDAP credentials to access their account.



Record all purchases from your suppliers. Store invoice numbers for later reference.

Purchase Orders

Generate purchase orders for suppliers when you are ready to make purchases.

Invoice Requests

Request invoices for multiple suppliers and compare prices to make the best decision.


Staff can make requistion to stores for assets they need. This formalises asset allocation processes to track movement.

Direct Maintenance

Send assets out to service providers when damaged and track repair processes. Detailed information on maintenance can be kept including service type, service provide branch, issues with assets, and whether assets were able to be fixed.

Preventive Maintenance

Setup maintenance profiles that alerts staff when assets needs to be serviced. You can setup flexible periods in days, weeks, months, or years.


Transfer assets between branches and setup waybills for effective asset tracking. Staff can also acknowldege receipt of assets to complete transfer process.


Allocate assets to staff or offices and keep track of all movement.


Remove assets from circulation and store archive information for historical records. Assets are normally decommissioned when they reach the end of their depreciation cycle or are severely damaged.


Group assets and transactions into projects to easily track movement.

Manage Projects

Create and manage projects easily and effectively. Projects can range from quartely purchasing of assets for staff to allocating assets and resources for a building project.

Teams and Members

Create teams and assign members to them to see who is working on a project.

Project Transactions

Tag transactions to get a consolidated view of all transactions that happens in a project. This helps you plan purchases, movements, and servicing effectively.

Project Reports and Notifications

Get reports and notifications specifically for projects to help you know status of tasks and transactions. This helps in task escalation and assign jobs to the right people.


Summary Reports

Get summarised reports on transactions that help in decision making. Summaries can include total assets moved, how often asset is damaged or how many users do not have assets assigned to them.

Detailed Reports

Use your statistics to make better business decisions and ensure consistent audit-readiness with custom, query, and preconfigured reports. Drill down to get the most accurate numbers and manage assets efficiently.


Gain access to interactive charts that help you visualize your asset information at a glance.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule custom reports to be sent to company users at regular intervals to eliminate time spent gathering, compiling, and sharing this data.

Report Exports

You can export both default and custom reports as a PDF or CSV file.


Email Notifications

Send email-based reminders for specific events, choose which alerts get sent out, and customize email content for each alert type.

SMS Alerts

Send sms-based reminders for specific events, choose which alerts get sent out, and customize email content for each alert type.

In-App notifications

Send in-app reminders for specific events, choose which alerts get sent out, and customize email content for each alert type.


Data Backups

Backup all your data and choose to download or store it in cloud storage.


Duka has integrated a number of industry standard tools and services that allows you to share data and collaborate more easilly.

Audit Log

All transactions and changes are stored with a timestamp, the user responsible and the changes made. This allows administrators to have full historical records to all activities in the system.

Company URL

Customize your workspace account web address by choosing a personalized url during signup. Eg:

Excel Import

Import your asset information easily using Microsoft excel. Imports can handle thousands of assets at a time so you can quickly get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What integrations are included?

Your price includes access to all of Duka asset's basic integrations. You won't need to pay extra to connect Duka asset to Jira, Onedrive, and more!

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