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About Duka Assets

We are the pioneers and leaders in providing organizations the most efficient & reliable integrated systems for Assets & Enterprise Content Management in Ghana & the sub region.


Our Focus

Our Duka Asset management tool focuses on systems that are critical for successful operations across all industries. It is a robust system, managing asset transactions in a format that is user friendly, customizable, and readily promotes information exchange between internal and external stakeholders.

Duka gives you the ability and flexibility to effectively manage your assets in a manner that creates value for the business and stakeholders.

Tenets of Duka Assets

Guided by core principles we hold true to self


Get the best visibility into your asset inventory. Duka provides detailed reports, user information, and timestamps on all transactions to help you know your asset's location and status.

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Customize Duka to fit your needs. Gain access to tools and options that allow you to customize fields, reports, and layout. Duka is also accessible on web and mobile platforms.


Performance and scalability are core principles in our development approach that seeks to support businesses with thousands of assets spanning multiple locations.

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Get started with Duka

Get control of your assets with Duka that is customizable, secure, and easy to use.