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The perfect All-In-One solution for your business!


Comprehensive and Configurable solution for different industries

We employ simple, effective and cost-efficient means to discover, track and manage the various elements of a company's assets.

Duka in your office

Having an asset management system in place can help track the location, value, and performance of company assets.

It can also boost productivity and efficiency levels by helping prevent loss, damage, or unexpected repairs, giving a significant return on investment.

Duka is built to help companies of all sizes from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large scale corporations. Our asset management solutions helps you manage your assets, staff, locations and asset movement within your organization. Duka also has a procurement module that allows you to record purchases, raise purchase orders and request for invoices from your suppliers.

  • Collect all accessible asset data in one centralized system be it machinery, furniture, lands, or the products you sell.
  • Our asset management system offers your business effective automation solutions to eliminate manual processes which can significantly reduce errors.
  • Duka Asset helps you scale for future business growth.
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Duka in you plans

The changing nature of work means that, increasingly, work is organized around projects with teams being brought together based on the skills needed for specific tasks.

Duka helps you setup your workflow to revolve around projects where you can easily group and encapsulate tasks and processes. This streamlined work means that you can setup timelines, assign tasks, get notifications, reports and a general understanding of progress in your establishment.

  • Assign assets and resources to your projects. This makes it easier to plan as you know the assets available to your project.
  • You can make purchases, transfers, allocation and maintenance transactions directly within your project. This makes scheduling, budgeting and report per project much easier.
  • Create and manage teams and members. You can assign tasks to members and monitor progress effectively.
  • Get project related notifications, see tasks behind, and escalate isssue easily using Duka.
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Duka in your care

For healthcare organizations big and small, a transformation towards digitizing your records continues to top the current list of digital healthcare trends.

An innovative asset management not only organizes your records, it also speeds up tasks and frees up valuable human resources like time and effort.

  • Duka allows you to take the next step by providing a comprehensive asset management solution that allows you to have an inventory of all your assets like PPEs, lab equipment, furniture and electrical devices.
  • We have location and facility management modules that allow you to manage your branches and all your wards, rooms and theatres.
  • You can maintain equipment directly or schedule periodic maintenance to ensure equipment are always maintained.
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Duka in your systems

Government organizations have many assets at their disposal. From computer systems to furniture, from vehicles to machines used on a daily basis, public works, building departments, transportation and most importantly maintenance.

Every asset is necessary for the functioning of the office hence the ease to control every asset in one space using Duka. Duka provides visibility into your inventory and allows you to know exactly where your assets are, who is responsible for them and the state they are in. 

  • Migrate data from your physical files and digitize your asset management process.
  • Track asset movement between locations and staff.
  • Get a variety of reports on assets to better enable you to make management decisions.
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See what you can do with Duka Assets Software

Inventory Module

Manage your assets, categories, specifications, packages, and a host of other properties. Analyze issues such as physical location, maintenance requirements, depreciation, performance, and eventual disposal of the asset.

Barcode Generation

An easy to use and cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to manage and track their physical assets. Barcodes are generated for assets and are available in a variety of formats including Code128, QR Codes, EAN, and ISBN. Read more

Location Report

Get a granular and thorough report on location, inventory, and high-value assets in real-time. This report shows which assets are present at a location.

Asset Movement Report

Get a detailed report of asset movement. Details include a timestamp of movement, user responsible for movement as well as location to and fro.

GPS Location

Each scan of an asset label reveals details including geo-location, IP address, and other useful information. Both QR Codes and Barcodes are supported.

Location Management

Create locations where assets are stored. Locations can be countries, cities, offices, or rooms. Locations can be grouped under each other to form a tree view for your assets.

Packages and Bundles

Categorize assets into packages and bundles for easier tracking.

Supplier Management

Maintain a supplier catalog, compare prices from different vendors, and analyze purchase trends to leverage negotiations.

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