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General FAQ

Duka is pronounced "du·ka" “a·set”.
Maatec Systems is the name of the company that makes Duka. Duka is the product, Maatec Systems is the company. To learn more about Maatec Systems, click here.
It really is! Of course we have affordable hosted and support-only subscriptions available. You can upgrade your plan by requesting a quote and our support team will take you through the process.
Duka supports credit/debit card subscriptions only. We do not currently support purchase orders.
Duka Asset uses the AGPL license.
Duka Asset will work with any standard USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner.
Duka integrates with LDAP and Active Directory for user syncing and login.
Because Duka Asset is licensed under the AGPL, any code that gets written has to be made available to the community. In cases where a customer needs a specific feature we don't currently offer, if it's something we can implement that will benefit the entire community, we will try to do so.


Go to resources on the navigation bar and click barcode generator

Using Duka Assets

Users can add assets to the system by importing spreadsheets, duplicating existing assets, or manually adding them through our mobile or web apps.

 Duka assets supports a wide variety of global currency symbols, but does not currently support conversion between currencies.


Your price includes access to all of Duka asset's basic integrations. You won't need to pay extra to connect Duka asset to Jira, Onedrive, and more!


Nope! Forget about buying expensive barcode scanning hardware.

Get started with Duka

Get control of your assets with Duka that is customizable, secure, and easy to use.